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 Primrose Candy Company was founded by Frank and Mae Puch in 1928.  Primrose is still a family owned company and is currently run by the third generation.  Primrose maintains its high standards that were established early on while utilizing modern techniques to stay competitive.

 Primarily a hard candy manufacturer for the first 40 years of the company's history, Primrose expanded in the late 1960's to include chewy candies like caramel and salt water taffy.  A few decades later we added popcorn confections.

  Primrose manufactures confections to the highest quality standards using both old world candy making techniques and state of the art equipment in its 130,000 square foot facility. Over 80% of the business is derived from private label and contract manufacturing. Thus Primrose not only has to meet its own high standards but also the scrutiny of those who put their name on our products.

 In addition to candy, Primrose is also making private label nutraceuticals, manufacturing candy base and adding various active ingredients.

 Primrose believes in maintaining a partnership relationship with its customers for the mutual success of both parties.


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